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7 Benefits of Music in the Classroom

Music creates a positive learning environment. It is a great way to develop rapport! Music can both calm and stimulate, it offers one of the quickest ways to influence the mood of a group. When people sing together they feel an increased sense of community, belonging and shared endeavor.

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Tune into our teaching tips to help make sharing music with children easy, fun and technically correct.

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Kids will have loads of fun being creative with our FREE craft ideas.

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Re-energizing and re-connecting songs and ideas to help re-focus!


Each song includes some suggested learning activities for other areas in the curriculum.

A Little More About Love to Sing

More about Love to Sing - educational music products & songs for kidsOur music learning products were first created in 1990; Linda Adamson a teacher of English second language students was frustrated with the lack of quality music resources. Having a passion for music her aim was to create a product that would suit both teachers and children.

“Singing is such a fun and easy way to learn – a song never leaves our long term memory.”

An up-beat songbook sung by children was published by Scholastic and became a multi-platinum seller due to its popularity in pre-schools, schools and homes…



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Watch and sing along with the most popular Love to Sing educational songs for kids.

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Popular Nursery Rhyme Songs kids love!

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Super fun camp songs for kids! Classic sing along songs everyone knows.





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Children will love to sing and dance along with the lively, upbeat kid’s action songs.

Each action song includes a FREE video song, FREE fun curriculum learning activities and FREE song lyrics.





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