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Welcome to the Learning Hub – a place where singing a song is SO much more!

We hope to inspire and motivate you – the educators (teachers and parents) to ‘sing a song a day’, and understand why music is SO important for children, learning with music.

We love sharing ideas on how to enhance music at your place – but we would also love to hear your ideas and suggestions!


Musical Teaching Resources & Tips

This will help to give you musical know how and build confidence teaching with songs!

Teaching Tips

Tune in to our teaching tips to help make sharing music with children easy, fun and technically correct.

Latest Teaching Resources

Check in regularly for our latest teaching resources and activities.


Free Fun Music Activities

Here’s where we show you how to enhance each song with craft activities like drawing, painting, and sculpting, making puppets, making musical instruments and more! Kids will have loads of fun being creative!



Teaching Programmes

Love to Sing’s teacher friendly programmes will help make teaching a breeze! We have created 3 teaching programmes :

  • Up the Tempo is a full year music education programme.
  • Hearty Fun Fitness Programme is endorsed by the Heart Foundation
  • Hearty Jump is a Skipping Programme


Brain Break Songs

Re-energizing and re-connecting songs and activities to help re-focus



Curriculum Links:

Each song includes some suggested learning activities for other areas in the curriculum e.g. Literacy; Numeracy; Dance; Visual Art; Drama; Science; Health and general topics

We hope the curricula activities will stimulate educators to think creatively about learning opportunities which may arise from each song.

Elements of Music:

The elements of music are integrated into every song and will help to build an understanding of music and how it works. The main elements addressed at this level are: Beat; Rhythm; Pitch; Tempo; Dynamics and Tone Colour to Timbre.

It is important for educators to develop an understanding of this vocabulary and to use it in teaching.